How to deal with
floods in Iran
regional, connecting, enabling

How to deal with
floods in Iran
regional, connecting, enabling

About this website

This website is dedicated to capacity building within the HoWaMan project and thus to small-scale analysis of people’s awareness of flood events and their hazards. It is an interactive, but also informative website.


Here you will find many surveys, which are dealing with flooding and flooding risk management. On the one hand, they serve to collect data and give researchers an overview of the participants’ level of knowledge on the subject of flood risk, but – and this is perhaps even more important – they inform and stimulate the study participants to think.


To further explore the topics, this page provides videos, info texts, guides, and various media about the types of floods, the hazards they pose, and how to protect yourself from them with simple tools or in general.


The forum also offers you the opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge on the topic of flood hazards and to gain further insights through contact with other interested parties and experts.

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Eyewitnesses report – A Documentary on Severe Flooding in the two Villages of Keshar and Sangan near Tehran

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Participate and support prevention potential

Here we share exciting surveys, studies and opportunities for everyone to participate. You can play a part in researching flash floods, their aftermath and demands. You as a resident of a risk area, as someone who has experienced floods yourself or was or is indirectly affected by damages, you as a first responder or as part of the organisations that take care of the protection of people have valuable knowledge that is very important for the research of floods.


Therefore, we would like to invite interested people to participate in the presented studies and to contribute actively to the research and thus to the protection against these natural disasters.


If you have any questions or comments on the studies, please feel free to contact the project team at any time using the contact options on this website.

Questionnaire about floodlabel

Questionnaire to raise awareness about floods

Questionnaire about floods and flash floods


Flood risk management in dialogue

In this forum we want to create the possibility for interested people and people affected by flash floods to meet and exchange information. We are very much looking forward to an unadulterated look into the reality of people’s lives.