About this Forum

In this forum we want to create the possibility for interested people and people affected by flash floods to meet and exchange information. We are very much looking forward to an unadulterated look into the reality of people’s lives.


If you have any feedback on the information provided on this website or would like to share your experiences, be it on protective measures, direct flood experiences, concerns, and suggestions: We would like to invite you to engage with us and with each other.


In the “General” forum, you can give free rein to your impressions, get in touch with other users and talk about the website, events, or proposals, for example.


In 2022, the team will set up two more forums here in which we want to share and expand experiences with you and talk about concrete protection measures. The goal is both for the project team to learn new insights from you as those affected and to jointly produce knowledge that can and should help you on site. We look forward to speak you!


To participate, please register: Any personal data you provide will not be published and will only be available to the administrators of the website and will be strictly protected in accordance with EU data protection laws. We use GOOGLE TRANSLATE so we can speak even though we do not share the same language.


Please also have a look at our “Netiquette” as guide for the interaction in the forum.