The Floodlabel is a capacity building strategy that closes the knowledge gaps of the population about their flood risks as well as their own precautionary measures to protect themselves.

Flood Risk Rating for your property

You will receive a Floodlabel document which certifies the protection status of your house/ building against a river flood, stormwater, sewer backflow and debris flow (Still to be implemented).

Recommendation of Flood Protection Measures

Your house is potentially affected by floods and you are not properly protected, or you don’t know how to protect yourself?Don’t worry Floodlabel will recommended flood protection measures just for you!

Get initial information about the floodrisk of your home by a checklist

Carry out an initial assessment of potential problems for your home due to flooding yourself. You can simply print it out and answer it at home on your own – no data will be collected!


Based on the questions of the checklist and related explanatory images below, you are able to quickly assess the danger of flood hazards to your home in order to identify your need for flood protection (For a more accurate flood risk check, including a certificate and flood protection measures adapted to your home, the floodlabel recommend)